Sandeep Jhamb

Mr. Sandeep Jhamb, Founder of  Versatile Interiors.

“Mr.Sandeep Jhamb, Founder of Versatile Interiors graduated from faculty of Mumbai, in 1991. He worked as an assistant at the same Faculty from 1991 till 1995 He is a self-taught man and has set a benchmark in the Architectural and interior Industry. In 1995, Mr.Sandeep Jhamb founded his company “VERSATILE” and worked in different types and sizes of projects namely residential, commercial, corporate, hospitality, public etc in Mumbai and different parts of India. For over 22 years now Versatile has built and sustained its reputation for quality interior design projects. He is very particular about detail and believes in extraordinary designs. He has a liking for art and aesthetics.

He has a experienced eye for proportions and sizes used in decor. His ability and foresight of being able to deal with complex details and all aspects of the interior process makes him stand apart from others.”“Versatile” provides aesthetically designed and immaculately planed projects with an eye on fine details that accentuate the particular qualities of a place. We aspire to create compelling and dynamic spaces by combining simplicity in planning and detailing and a focus on space, light, structure and material with unite clarity and thoughtful innovation.

We conceive our project with efficiency and with highest level of professionalism and are able to adapt out creativity to meet the need, desire and expectation of our client.We believe in quality innovation and price our integrated structure, regional experience and network of suppliers mean that we can provide the highest level of quality materials at extremely competitive price 15% cheaper. 30% faster.

We take care of it all from work place appraisals, space planning and design, no random suppliers, no missing contractors. No conflict timelines or varying costs. Everything is under one roof and one budget: Yours Each project is assigned to a single project manager dedicated to ensure that the office design stage merges seamlessly into the fit-out and finish stage. One privileged point of contact for all your questions about how the job is progressing.Using Creativity, innovative sustainable ideas and Knowledge by experience, we will offer you a wide range of materials that are inspiring yet practical.

We pride ourselves on our responsiveness; you won’t have to wait 24 hours for an answer to your email. We will guarantee to keep you informed and updated constantly throughout the project and ensure that your queries are replied to as quickly as possible.

We strive for excellence in every project we deliver, we design, deliver and support our clients whilst maintaining best practice in every area of our work, we seek to provide cost-effective solution to our clients and complete transparency at every stage of our business process.

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